Uganda Recruitment Processing System

JaaJa IT Solution Ltd-Recruitment System(URPS) has simplified and made     your Company recruitment steps simple and fast,covers all the processes.

Add New Worker

This is one of the processes of registering new worker by capturing all the required information in the Recruitment Company

Worker Returned

This process in our system enables you to know the workers who have travelled,did not travel,renewed contract or returned.

We have both Online
and Offline, Your Information is Secure

You need not to worry about security of your data or information

When your Company takes our Recruitment Process System we are going to offer you the following services

Hosting the System or installing it offline depending on your suggestion.

Maintenance for one year (Making changes to fit your company Process)

Training Your staff on how to use the system.

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Other Services We Offer

Jaaja is Information Technologgy Innovation Company.We also offer the following services.

Website Development
Web Application Systems
Mobile Applications